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The Right Level of Service to Fit Your Needs

There are a few different levels of Commodities Broker services available to our clients. Most people start out trading with a full service Commodities Broker when they first begin trading commodities. This level of service provides clients many benefits, especially for beginners who never traded commodities before. The are two substantial benefits to using a  full service Commodities Broker:

Your Commodities Broker Can Help You Prevent Common Mistakes

One of the most common occurrences I personally witnessed as a Commodities Broker over the years, was clients forgetting to cancel their open stop loss order. You may think that these type of errors don’t happen very often but unfortunately they happen quite frequently. The typical scenario is simply a trader placing an open stop loss order after entering a position. An open order is a type of order that stays open or active till the trade is executed, order is cancelled or the contract expires. A common example will look something like this:  Trader places an order to enter the market and simultaneously places a protective stop order to help protect the position from unlimited risk. Sometime later the trader liquidates the actual position but forgets to cancel the existing open order. The open order gets triggered and the trader ends up with an open trade in his account that was never intended to be there. The amount of profit or loss then depends on how fast the error is discovered and which direction the market moves in. If the trader utilizes a self directed account he must keep track of his open orders and make sure that all open orders are cancelled or simply place stop loss orders on a daily basis which could avoid this problem entirely.

 Your Commodities Broker will Track Open Orders

Alternatively, a full service Commodities Broker keeps track of all open orders for each of his clients and makes sure that each open order is cancelled immediately after the protective stop loss is no longer needed; this is done because the trade has already been liquidated and the stop loss is no longer necessary.

Commodities Broker Can Help You Put Together A Trading Plan

One additional benefit to using a full service Commodities Broker is getting personal assistance when putting together a personal trading plan or approach to trading. Commodities trading can be overwhelming for someone who is just starting out. Having someone to guide you through the new terminology, technical analysis, and different options strategies can be a big help to someone who is new to the commodities markets.

Discount Commodities Broker Services

Another level of service that Active Futures offers clients is Discount Commodities Broker Services. This level of service is ideal for traders who prefer to keep track of their own trading positions and need limited assistance or simply prefer to call in their orders instead of trading online.

Discount Trading Services clients can pick up the phone and call us anytime for real time commodity and options quotes, margin requirements and market updates.

We make sure that your calls are answered quickly and your orders are given our highest priority. Our staff will make sure to notify you when contracts roll over and expiration is approaching as well. 

The  Discount Commodities Broker Services may be the perfect alternative for traders who don’t want to execute trading orders online and prefers to speak with a live broker.

Online Commodities Trading

Active Futures offers a wide range of online commodities trading platforms for clients that have different trading needs. Whether you need a simple order entry platform without technical graphs and charts or advanced features such as the ability to program custom trading algorithms and set custom parameters through direct access order execution systems that are connected straight to the exchange computers, we have you covered.

Trading technology has advanced during the last decade and Active Futures offers clients a choice of 12 different software platforms to fit your trading style and your trading needs.

Click Here to see the different platforms that we offer.

Commodities Resources

Different Commodities Broker Services

full service commodities broker

Full Service Trading

Get a seasoned Commodities Broker assigned to monitor your account and help you reach your potential. A great way for beginners to begin trading and avoid some common pitfalls.

discount commodity broker

Discount Trading

The Discount Commodities Broker division is for traders who want to call in their orders and need limited assistance. An alternative for traders who don’t like to enter trading orders online.


Online Trading

We offer many different online trading platforms that range from simple order entry platforms to advanced analysis programs that connect to servers at the Commodities Exchange.

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